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Title repoze.sendmail is creating message ID in incorrectly
Priority bug Status resolved
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Created on 2011-03-11.06:36:18 by ergo, last changed 2013-12-17.16:48:02 by tseaver.

msg530 (view) Author: rpatterson Date: 2012-03-15.15:41:31
Commits that fix this are in  I'm 
changing the status to `testing` because I'm not sure what the right state is for 
unmerged and unreleased fixes.
msg485 (view) Author: tseaver Date: 2011-03-11.11:56:40
This analysis sounds correct to me.
msg484 (view) Author: ergo Date: 2011-03-11.06:36:18
in repoze.sendmail we have:
line 90:
messageid = message['Message-Id:'] = self.newMessageId()
which generates message id with double colon - also messageID itself is
generated incorrectly (as reported to me by wiggy) those messages sometimes get
flagged as spam by spamassasin.
Pythons email.utils module is already used by repoze.sendmail, so maybe it would
be good to use its method to generate message id and use  make_msgid() it supplies?

messageid = message['Message-Id'] = make_msgid()
seems to fix the issue for me
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