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Title repoze.profile: useless profile recorded when application is a generator
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Created on 2010-11-24.15:38:37 by jkarp, last changed 2010-11-29.13:18:58 by tseaver.

msg462 (view) Author: tseaver Date: 2010-11-29.13:18:58
Fix released to PyPI:
msg461 (view) Author: jkarp Date: 2010-11-29.12:49:26
Thanks! That works for me. I appreciate your work, repoze.profile was just what
I was looking for.
msg460 (view) Author: tseaver Date: 2010-11-24.21:56:02
I just checked in a change which moves the conditional list inside the
profiled code.  Please give it a try.

I made creation of the list condition in order to avoid injecting any
unnecessary overhead into the profiled code.  I'm probably being too fussy,
but there you go.
msg459 (view) Author: jkarp Date: 2010-11-24.18:02:47
I tried the changes you made; I don't they fix it. You made it iterate inside
__call__, but that is not enough, iteration needs to happen inside
self.profiler.runctx() or the profiler won't capture the execution.

The change I originally suggested seems to work. And it shouldn't break
anything, because PEP 333 guarantees a WSGI application will produce an
iterable, which list() will handle correctly, regardless of whether its a
generator under the covers or not.

Anyhow, paste.debug.profile takes a similar approach to what I'm suggesting. It
creates a nested function that does [].extend(app_iter), and profiles that function.
msg458 (view) Author: tseaver Date: 2010-11-24.16:36:42
Fix checked in on the trunk for the next release.
msg457 (view) Author: tseaver Date: 2010-11-24.16:14:26
Thanks for the report!  I agree that your suggested solution is probably
the correct one, with the exception that I would have it apply 'list()'
only for results which were generators:  hmm, how do I detect that?
msg456 (view) Author: jkarp Date: 2010-11-24.15:38:37
When repoze.profile is given an application to wrap that takes the form of a
generator, you end up with a useless profile that has only the entries
"<string>:1(<module>)" and "{method 'disable' of '_lsprof.Profiler' objects}".

This is because the way the profiling is being invoked, it only includes the
assignment of a generator object to app_iter. For the application code to be
executed, the generator must be iterated over, and that isn't happening until
after profiling has stopped.

One band-aid solution might be to change repoze.profile to profile
'list(, start_response))' instead of ',
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