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List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
30 7 months ago if-modified-since requests seem to fail deferred chrism  
85 59 months ago Repoze.who should support salted hashes for the sqlauthenticator deferred douglas  
78 7 months ago Groups aren't removed from permission sources when they're removed from their group sources deferred Gustavo Gustavo
140 7 months ago reversing the arg names of two-arg view callables causes a weird exception deferred rweir  
139 7 months ago Chameleon - can't create xml and doctype declarations from macro deferred JasperOC  
100 7 months ago Configurable character set support for repoze.who and repoze.what deferred wyuenho chrism
148 7 months ago Chameleon does not pass on repeat variables to fill-slot snippets deferred do3cc  
150 7 months ago Chameleon treats every non simple object as a msgid. Non hashable objects will throw exceptions when being used as msg ids deferred do3cc malthe
154 7 months ago [PATCH] repoze.what.plugins.sql allow dynamic relationship deferred vinces1979 Gustavo
156 7 months ago Chameleon - Bugs when using with apache deferred tm128 malthe
157 7 months ago Chameleon throws errors for translation strings that contain html elements with and without i18n:name attributes deferred do3cc malthe
166 7 months ago repoze.dbbrowser problem with DATE or DATETIME columns deferred keul  
180 7 months ago Using deprecated webob calls deferred lajujula  
28 28 months ago Edit portal_skins deferred ddurham  
37 28 months ago 2.10 zopelib ships without top-level ImageFile module deferred chrism chrism
70 28 months ago ZMI undo tab always reports "There are no transactions that can be undone" deferred Feneric  
181 28 months ago repoze.zope2 does not notify ZPublisher.pubevents done-cbb optilude  
64 28 months ago repoze.zope2 not compatible with zope 2.12 browser resources done-cbb chrism  
99 34 months ago max_age in repoze.who-friendlyform deferred cyhex  
176 41 months ago venusian cannot work with pymongo deferred tomyuk  
91 7 months ago Create repoze.what ip plugin deferred vinces1979  
153 7 months ago config.scan() and test dependencies chatting chrisw  
84 7 months ago Brute force lockouts deferred paj  
59 7 months ago Store "came_from" and "__logins" param in cookie (to keep a clean url) deferred bruno_b  
113 7 months ago repoze.bfg.jinja2 adding extension deferred delijati chrism
146 28 months ago repoze.who should support manual setting of cookie domain deferred nedosa  
61 28 months ago Create a function that checks if the user is allowed to visit a given URL deferred Gustavo Gustavo
33 28 months ago need exception handling docs deferred chrism  
54 30 months ago Groups and permissions for anonymous users deferred Gustavo Gustavo
16 77 months ago Preserve source distributions when installing eggs into a virtualenv done-cbb tseaver tseaver
43 7 months ago Logging for repoze.tm2 deferred olaf  
41 7 months ago INITools for zc.buildout-style config files deferred ianb  
165 7 months ago better normalized markup for deform widgets chatting ergo chrism
49 18 months ago Create the repoze.what LDAP plugin deferred Gustavo  
117 20 months ago chapter 3 unread kwseaver  
123 53 months ago chapter 8 chatting kwseaver  
137 53 months ago chapter 24 unread kwseaver  
136 53 months ago chapter 23 unread kwseaver  
135 53 months ago chapter 22 unread kwseaver  
134 53 months ago chapter 21 unread kwseaver  
133 53 months ago chapter 20 unread kwseaver  
132 53 months ago chapter 19 unread kwseaver  
131 53 months ago chapter 18 unread kwseaver  
130 53 months ago chapter 17 unread kwseaver  
129 53 months ago chapter 16 unread kwseaver  
128 53 months ago chapter 15 unread kwseaver  
127 53 months ago chapter 14 unread kwseaver  
126 53 months ago chapter 13 unread kwseaver  
125 53 months ago chapter 10 unread kwseaver  
124 53 months ago chapter 9 unread kwseaver  
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